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Tang Da Sàrl   Avenue de Floréal 40, CH-1008 Prilly (near Lausanne), only by appointment of e-mail or telephone before-hand.

Uniquement par rendez-vous avec e-mail ou téléphone au préalable.  

Our company Tang Da Co. Ltd. (Sàrl) has decided to close our art gallery situated at Rue du Simplon 10, CH-1006, Lausanne, Switzerland at the end of April 2015. We will continue to do our Chinese art dealings by our company itself via internet, e-mail or telephone. You are welcome to  contact us or order the objects of your choice by informing us with e-mail or telephone.          

One of our company's focuses is to propose modern Chinese embroidery art works, this specific form of artistic expression, to the amateurs, collectors and high-level connoisseurs of the art in Switzerland. 

Chinese embroidery art has a long history. Our partners in the artistic embroidery are the most gifted, represent the highest level in this artistic field in China.

With their brilliant talents and unbelievable patience, the Chinese women and girls (exceptionally a few men) in the profession of the artistic embroidery at present time, could realize or reproduce nearly any works of paintings, portraits, pictures, designs, photographs or calligraphies by using only their two hands, appropriate needles and silk threads, and turning the originals into an artistic reproduction of the embroidery works after hundreds, thousands, even dozens of thousands of hours, if necessary, of ingenious work. 

This could be proved by the Chinese embroidery art works in our company, all selected directly in China by ourselves. No matter whether you shall be only an amateur of the embroidery art or a high-level art collector, there might be one Chinese embroidery art works that up to your taste. We hope that our selections in different artistic levels (that also means different prices) would meet your demand and be appreciated by the art amateurs as well as the high-level collectors and connoisseurs in Switzerland. 

Our company's main focus now is to buy and sell Chinese antiques and other Chinese-related art objects and decorations. The amateurs and collectors of Chinese art works are welcome to contact us if there are something that you would like to sell. We guarantee the confidentiality of all your information.

Note: the photos of the Chinese embroidery works shown on our website pages are only indicative, in fact, some photos' effects are not ideal (with the reflection of the glass because of our limited photographic conditions). So are the sizes indicated,  the original ones are decisive.

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